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     In the spring of 1979, the Selma Alumni Chapter was formed on April 22.  The founding brothers of Selma Alumni Chapter are James Carter, Robert Carter, Richard Green, Aubrey Larkin Sr., John Lewis, John Lovell, Bobby McKenzie, David Moore, Claude Spivey, John Solomon, and Larry Vasser. The brothers sought the need to extend the vision of Kappa Alpha Psi to Historic Selma, Alabama where achievement for all men began.

    The Selma Alumni Chapter members boast of many achievements and recognitions.  However, we pride ourselves in helping to produce Selma's first African-American Mayor Reverend James Perkins, Jr. and State Senator Henry "Hank" Sanders.



 Fraternity Officers



Officers of Kappa Alpha Psi Selma Alumni Chapter

Brother John Solomon - Polemarch

(334) 412-2911


Brother Donald Shepard- Vice Polmarch

(334) 413-2821

Other Officers


Brother Larry Spicer - Keeper of Exchequer

Brother Teter - Keeper of Records

Brother Eric Greer - Strategist

Brother Garrow Page- Lt. Strategist

Brother Gregory Rudolph - MOIP Chair

Brother John L Soloman - Historian

Brother Leroy Maxwell - Reporter

Brother Larry Spicer - Director of Guide Rights

Brother Bruce Barnes - Director of Reclamation